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EducationWeek needed a moody portrait of the new Newark Superintendent of Schools.
While I lugged in all my lights Mother Nature was providing me with some very cool light.
Since our window for both the portraits and the interview was very brief I decided the natural light approach gave me the most flexibility.

EducationWeek’s education photography Instagram account posted the photos too. Their account does a great job highlighting educational photography from around the country.
You can read the full story on EducationWeek’s website here.

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Newark Superintendent of Schools Christopher Cerf.

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Newark Superintendent of Schools Christopher Cerf.

St. Peter’s University Hospital needed a photo of a large group of doctors. Unfortunately the doctor’s schedules did not allow all of them to be in the same room at the same time.
So we decided to shoot a few smaller groups and merge them together into one large photo.
New Jersey corporate photographer

One of the challenges of corporate photography is capturing candid moments of executives.

A good technique I’ve found to capture emotional candids is to wait until a group of executives is done talking and the group is starting to break up. Often people will laugh or joke around at this moment.

This exact technique worked perfectly here as a healthcare CEO was laughing with a group of people as the company opened a new facility in New Jersey.

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St. Peter’s University Hospital produces a quarterly magazine the showcases. They are a great client because they encourage collaboration with the photographer.
Here we needed to show a new sinus procedure that the hospital is providing to patients.
A bunch of strobes and grids made the operating room look dramatic.
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